Flat Lay Styling Blocks

Flat Lay Styling Blocks

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An original Heirloom product. Styling blocks create levels and layers for wedding paper goods and flat lay detail photographs.

Made of light weight acrylic, the blocks are clear with rounded corners. This prism-like feature lets light through beneath objects so that shadows are less prominent.

Blocks are sized specifically to fit underneath common paper shapes (envelopes, invitations, place cards etc.). The blocks are a little under .5” high, which adds height, without distorting your image.

The beautiful design and modern cut can also be a visible element of the photograph. Use it to prop boutonnieres, menus, plates, antiques, rings, jewelry etc., or stack them to create higher levels. 

Please note, styling blocks may not be visible in some of our sample photographs as they are being used beneath invitations and opaque details, but the results can be seen in the various levels and layers of the styled objects. Please see our Shipping + Returns page for current ship times and policies.

  • Set of 5 acrylic blocks

  • Large rectangle, approx. 5” x6”

  • 2 small rectangles, approx. 1.5” x 2.5” (or 3” x 2.5” combined)

  • Large square, approx. 3” x 3”

  • Small square, approx. 2”" x 2”

  • Cloth pouch

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