Surface Clean and Care Kit

Surface Clean and Care Kit


This kit was designed for the tidy stylist. These efficient preservation and cleaning tools are perfect for maintaining your styling surfaces. The kit includes a rubber “pick up” and fabric sponge which are excellent stain erasers; helpful for removing dirt, smudges and non-liquid blemishes. We also include a dusting brush that removes dry debris and styling bits when you’re working.


  • Light wooden dusting brush

  • 2x2” Rubber “Pick-Up”

  • 3x5” Fabric Sponge

  • Ivory Drawstring Satchel

If you want to prevent stains on your surfaces before they happen, we highly recommend purchasing Scotchgard Fabric Protector. It is available at most hardware stores or you can order online here. Scotchgard provides extra protection should there be any liquids, stains or accidental spills in your work environment.

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