Welcome to Heirloom! We're thrilled to have you on board as a potential collector, and we can't wait to show you what we do. Before we get started, remember that we're here to help, so please let us know if you can't find something you're looking for!

Most of the information you'll need to get started is included on this page, in the Shop or over on our Resources Page. This page is intended to provide a little more background about our products and our processes, while the Resources Page will provide you with practical tools like current swatch lists, in-house stamps, and templates for various layout programs.

Who We Are

Heirloom was originally inspired by the grand watercolor folios of the 1800s, and we currently fulfill the growing needs of modern photographers who want to move away from traditional flush mount, press-printed albums towards more unique, impressive, museum-style books.

Heirloom Albums flagship albums feature large, expansive pages and vellum interleaving to protect your images and enhance the viewing experience. We believe in subdued, tactile fabrics, archival cotton rag papers, and unique hand-lettered titles to complement our signature look.

The importance of craft in our work is reflected by our dedication to serving a small, curated number of photographers. We believe our collectors produce singular work, and should be enjoyed deeply. We produce all of our albums start-to-finish in our Santa Barbara-based bindery, and we work with a select few cotton paper and bookcloth providers who share our aesthetic values and commitment to quality.

As artists, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, not only in our design but also in our daily practice. We believe that what we say and do, and how we treat our clients, is a powerful expression of our inner values and beliefs. We are proud of what Heirloom represents and are honored to invite you as a loyal collector.

Getting Started


For your convenience, we have prepared sample Adobe InDesign templates that already include margins, guides, etc. for many types of layout. You are invited/encouraged to customize these however you like.

InDesign Templates are available here.

SmartAlbums also offers custom sizing and layouts for Heirloom.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues with layout. We have provided some basic templates, but we'd be happy to walk you through the process of creating more involved, 'modern' layouts if that's your goal. We enjoy working with our collectors to improve layouts and streamline design workflows - an album design shouldn't take more than an hour start-to-finish. Layout should be fun!


We have a gallery available online for clients to review our product catalog. You can find that here. If you prefer to download the hi-res version to share, you find it here:[download id="160" template="title"]


You can view swatches on the Resources page, or via the publicly-available link here. Swatch boxes are complimentary with your first order, or can be ordered anytime here. We work with custom fabrics all the time, so don't be afraid to ask!

If you prefer to download, here is a PDF of our current swatches (information about ordering physical swatch boxes is below):[download id="169" template="title"]


Our online-checkout process includes a field for submitting a Dropbox link or other link to a large-file transfer service. If you prefer to send your files independently, we can accomodate any of the following:

- Sharing a dropbox folder or link (to 'studio@heirloombindery.com')

- Using a free large-file transfer service like WeTransfer.com

- FTP upload if you really prefer (inquire for details)

We will contact you if there are any questions/issues with your order.


Both our Fine Art and Signature albums are hand-printed on 100% European cotton rag papers. All albums are available with various linen and silk cover fabrics. Album covers can include hand-lettered foil-stamped titles, custom die-stamped embossing, or photo front covers. Vellum interleaving is also included on all page by default, except for two-page spreads.

All albums can be paired with a matching (or not, if you insist) slipcase or clamshell case to protect your investment.

Our Signature Albums are a traditional take on the 'lay-flat' albums popularized by flush mount album manufacturers. Each album is printed in 8-page 'quartos' and stitched together by hand.


Each Heirloom Album includes the option of custom calligraphy titling (some restrictions apply). Your title will be lettered then imprinted in gold, silver or blind embossing on your album's cover. All custom calligraphy is proofed and sent to you for approval before it is stamped.


Albums can also include (at your option) a second studio logo stamped on the inside back cover. Custom artwork or typeset titles can be substituted for the hand-lettered title.


For photo front covers, please provide a high resolution (at least 300dpi) image at the dimensions desired for printing. We typically suggest 3"x4" portrait for most sizes.


Heirloom launched our online shop in 2015, which dramatically improved the ease of providing specific price quotes. The shop can be accessed anytime at heirloombindery.com/shop.

In general, you can calculate any album price by taking the minimum price (the 40-page price for Signature Albums and the 50-page price for Fine Art Albums) and adding $10 per spread. Shipping is not included.

Custom fabrics and sizes are both available upon request. We are a boutique company and welcome new ideas and challenges from our collectors.

30% off ALL studio samples.

Heirloom albums are all hand-made - please allow 6-8 weeks for the creative process.

Fine Art Prints

Our fine art prints are printed¬†on Hahnem√ľhle 308GSM 100% cotton rag paper by default, and¬†other papers and weights are available by request.

Custom sizes are available upon request. Mounting on acid-free foam board or gatorboard is also possible - inquire for pricing.

Please allow one week for printing, drying, packing and shipping.

Print Boxes

Our hand-made print boxes are available with one, two, or four compartments, and can be ordered in single or double-depth. All box sizes can be customized to include a DVD or USB pocket inside the lid, and can also be embossed with a custom logo or calligraphy (set up fees apply). Other common print dimensions (4x6, 5x7) are priced similarly. Minimum 5 per order, one fabric at a time please.

A one-time, $100% refundable die setup charge of $100 applies to new dies used exclusively for print boxes. This charge is returned if the die used for a future Heirloom album order. USB cards can also be custom-printed or engraved with your logo or other design (no charge, minimum quantity of 25 cards).

Custom boxes or packaging for larger prints is also available. Please inquire for more details.

Print boxes and cases are all hand-made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the creative process.


Please email us anytime at studio@heirloombindery.com with any questions, or click on the Help button that should be visible on the lower right section of your window.