Repairs and Returns

All Heirloom products come with a limited lifetime guarantee. This is a guarantee that our craftsmanship will last forever with proper care and maintenance. If you ever have a problem with an Heirloom Album, Print Box, Fine Art Print, or anything else, please reach out to us about the proper way to return and repair your heirloom.


First and most importantly – take photos of any damage to the box that your item arrived in. If your item was damaged due to improper handling, we will need photo proof to submit to the shipper when we submit a claim to them for reimbursement.


Anything can happen during shipping so please take digital photographs of any existing damage to your item before you ship it and send it to us at This will prevent any confusion if your item is further damaged in transit back to us.

Shipping and handling fine art products carefully is extremely important. While we are happy to repair or replace anything that is damaged in shipment from our studio, we are not responsible for damage that occurs due to improper packaging when you return your item. If a returned item arrives damaged, we will photograph the damage and ask you if you would like to pay for the additional repairs.

When packing an item for return, here are some tips:

  1. Do not use foam peanuts or commercial packing services. The vast majority of our damaged-in-transit cases come from items shifting in peanuts or being haphazardly packed by shipping company employees.
  2. Protect the corners. Box, album, and slipcase corners are the most sensitive to damage during shipment because any impact is absorbed in a small area. Use extra crumpled paper or bubble wrap to secure the corners of the item while packing.
  3. Shake the box before you mail it. If you have packed the box properly, the item inside should not move around at all. Any force should be absorbed by the packing material inside the box (crumpled paper, bubblewrap, etc.)

Last, please let us know ASAP when you ship an item for repair. We receive a lot of mail and packages daily, and we want to make sure we are ready to process your item when it arrives.

Damage is an unfortunate occurrence, but with proper return handling, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Please send your returned items to the address below:

Heirloom Bindery
attn: Repairs
495 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225


Sometimes damage occurs due to improper handling or care, such as wine stains, dirt and grease marks, or other signs of wear on album pages or covers or box/slipcase materials. When this happens, we are happy to assess the damage and give you an estimate for repair. Oftentimes an album can be deconstructed and rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of creating a new album from scratch. If you have an out of warranty repair request, please email us photos at