Marketing Heirloom Products


Pricing is simple – you always charge as much as you can and still make regular sales. It is difficult to recommend a one-size-fits all pricing approach because every photographer (and every market) is different. If you can, typically we recommend pricing your albums at twice the wholesale cost in order to factor in your design time. For example, a $1000 album can be priced at $2000. Keep in mind our collectors offer a wide range of album pricing depending on their client budgets and their packages. Some collectors charge as much as three times the wholesale cost to cover their expenses, design time and artistic sensibilities. Others sell the albums almost at cost, because they would rather their clients (and their client’s relatives and friends) see their work in the best way possible. Many photographers end up using Heirloom Albums as a ‘reach’ product in their higher-tier packages as a way to entice clients to larger packages. Others believe (as we do) that selling higher-quality albums at a lower profit will drive long-term growth in your business, as your work endures and is admired by your most likely referral clients.


Although different clients will have different preferences for their albums, it isn’t always necessary to offer every size and style of album in our product suite. Instead, choose the dimensions and styles that work the best for your images and for your client. Some of our collectors offer just square formats, or just portrait formats, and others offer just the smaller or larger sizes. In general a nice mix of three or four formats gives your clients plenty of options (and if they’re picky, we’re happy to work with you). As an example, you could offer 8×8 albums for parents and 12×12 albums for the bride and groom. You can also include one of our large albums, such as the 16×16 for your most luxurious package, or keep one on your studio table as a stunning marketing piece.


We always advise you to create the most impressive album for your studio sample. Your studio sample should demonstrate to your clients your personal aesthetic and brand. For wedding photographers, a sample that includes either a single beautiful wedding story, or a mix of your portfolio favorites is ideal. If you are having trouble putting together a complete album from one wedding, you can always combine 2-4 ‘vignettes’ into an album to address specific types of clients (i.e. travel, local, outdoor, indoor) and show off your work to best effect. This allows you to pair your strongest outdoor shots with your strongest indoor or night shots without looking forced.
Your album design should showcase your most beautiful images and your ability to curate them. Our large format albums can accommodate more photos per page but we advise just one or two images per page so that each image can be appreciated fully. When designing, we recommend thinking of your pages like walls in a museum gallery – too much too close together and each photo is just a distraction from the others. For weddings we recommend a chronological flow to your photos, interspersed with atmospheric details.
A sample box of prints is a nice addition to your studio presentation so that your clients can get a feel for how their images will be delivered and what a fuller wedding collection would look like. We also create custom presentation products such as styling board backdrops, media pockets and large format print boxes.
Showing your clients their full range of possibilities gives them inspiration for their own weddings and makes the ordering process more comfortable and realistic. It also reinforces your position as a stylist in your own right.


Other key points about Heirloom products that are not available from most (or any) of the other album providers available in the US:
- 100% archival cotton rag printing. Pages will not become yellow, brittle, or crack over time. The pages themselves are more satisfying to handle and to touch.
- Giclee printing process. Unlike most press-printed books that use a 4-color CMYK printing process, our albums are printed using 11+ colored inks in the RGB colorspace. This gives you a truer, more vibrant color representation than otherwise available.
- Custom foil stamping options. If you or your clients have bespoke artwork that you would like stamped in 24k gold, or would just like some custom calligraphy done, we're happy to work with you!
- Hand-printed, hand-bound in the USA. Unlike imported products or products made in factories throughout the US, there is a small team of craftspeople involved in the making of each Heirloom album, start to finish. There is a pride of ownership that benefits everyone involved.
- Lifetime money-back guarantee. If an Heirloom Album ever fails due to improper construction, we will replace it at no cost to you or your client.