Layout Services

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Layout services are something that we offer to all of our clients, whether they are super-busy professional photographers, or just brides looking for a hand bringing their collection of images together into a beautiful album. 

The only difference when ordering is that you should submit a folder of 'final' images that we should choose from instead of a finished album layout. We will follow your page count selection and prepare an initial layout for you to review. We follow our own aesthetic when doing this, which is very classic and is primarily one image per page, with the occasional diptych (2 images one one page) or even triptych (3 images on one page). If you are looking for a more 'creative' or 'modern' layout, we recommend using commercial layout software or retaining the services of an album designer. 

What is included in the initial charge is the initial layout and one round of revisions (image replacement or reorganization). After that, we charge 25% of the layout fee for further changes, and 100% of the layout fee for extensive changes (more than an hour or two of layout).

When submitting your images, we highly recommend organizing them in subfolders following any ideas you already have about layout. For example, if you already know what image you want first and last, you can name those files appropriately, and if you have your event divided by theme (getting ready, ceremony, reception, etc.) you can divide everything into folders that way to aid us in our selection.