Guide to Future Pricing

Hello there! You're here because either (a) you're a potential new Heirloom collector, or (b) you're a current collector who logged into their account and couldn't understand the new pricing. The following post should spell out how Heirloom is managing our order system going forward and what that means for your future business as well as your existing Heirloom sales. 

Why Are We Changing?

For years, Heirloom has operated like most of the other high-end, pro-only album manufacturers with hidden prices and 'photographer only' access. What that meant was that we were constantly fending off brides or other 'non-professionals' who were either interested in bypassing their photographer or just ordering a book on their own. It also meant that each year, if bindery costs required raising prices, we had to navigate a complex set of negotiations with photographers who had relied on our old pricing for booking future clients, and now were unhappy that their profits had been reduced. 

What is Changing?

Beginning this year, we are publishing our 'retail' prices publicly to both photographers and their clients. We no longer offering discounted album prices to professional clients. Instead, we have begun an 'affiliate' pricing system that pays a flat 15% commission on everything we sell (albums, boxes, prints) that is ordered through a custom link or by using a custom coupon code.

For an example, If a photographer signs up for our affiliate program, they can set up a referral code and will receive a 15% referral payment for any orders that use that code, whether or not the person checking out online is the photographer or one of their clients. They can also give their clients coupon codes for up to 10% off retail prices. So effectively, if you are ordering studio samples or still providing our albums to clients in your packages, you can combine that 10% coupon with your 15% referral fee for a 25% discount on direct orders. 

Signup for the affiliate program is here.

How Will This Affect My Business?

This change allows us to save our professional clients from all the back-and-forth with layout and cover designs - we now work directly with clients from start to finish, including mailing samples and providing initial layout consultation, layout changes, and ultimate product delivery. Our photographer clients collect their commissions based off of our retail pricing (albums start at $1,750) with no need for follow-up with the client - we handle everything and mail you a check. All you need to do is make sure your client uses a coupon you give them (not hard) or you give us a heads up that you have referred someone to us.

We understand that having our 'retail' pric ing publicly available may make it more difficult for photographers to continue to double the price of the products we sell. For photographers in this situation, we recommend stressing the importance and value of your design services, and you are welcome to 'white brand' your sample albums so that there is no Heirloom branding on anything you sell.

I Still Have Orders from 2017 - What About Those?

As we complete the transition we're giving everyone who has existing album sales an opportunity to complete their orders at the old pricing. To do that, just send us an email with a list of client names, expected order dates, and what they've ordered. When it comes time to order your album, just check out as normal and mention the old pricing in the order notes and we will refund the album price difference immediately.

No orders based on 2017 pricing will be accepted for any reason after June 30, 2018.