2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>
Double-Sided Styling Board
2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>
2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>
2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>
2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>
2-Color Custom <br/> Large Styling Board <br/>

2-Color Custom
Large Styling Board

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  • Two linen fabrics of your choice are mounted on a double-sided 19"x 26" panel
  • Mix and match fabrics for different situations - our most popular fabric combination is
    • Light Linen 022 + French Blue Linen 080
  • Linens will have a natural texture and weave, cottons are smoother with less texture
  • All colors compliment wedding, editorial, lifestyle and commercial shoots
  • Shoot bouquets, jewelry, invitations, plated food, and even use the lighter boards as a reflector
  • All boards are made of archival fine art materials, but very sturdy and portable
  • Orders ship with a light canvas shoulder bag which protects the boards and also provides a handy, clean environment to lay the board down on
  • Sets are individually hand made, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing and shipping, expedited shipping is not possible on hand made products
  • Shipping is free on all orders over $200

What are styling boards for and how do I use them? Our styling boards are flat, fabric backdrop boards for photographing flat lay and still life details at weddings and editorial/commercial shoots. They are sized perfectly for 4.5x6 or 4x6 camera formats. They even look great on the iPhone! We find that photographers like to place their boards on the ground and lean over them to frame their shot. You can use a tripod for added stability. Boards have also been used vertically or flat on a tabletop. 

Are styling boards for film shooters or digital shooters? Styling boards are suitable for both digital and film shooters and work with various camera formats. 

What if my boards arrive stained or damaged? All of our styling boards are built with heavy, fine art materials and inspected very closely for any stains or blemishes. We also ship our boards in a fashion that keeps them flat and limits damage through shipping. It is very rare that we would ever ship out a product from our studio with any aesthetic issues. However, if you should find any problems with your styling board, e-mail us immediately with photos of the board as well as the condition of the packaging and we will be happy to ship you a replacement. 

What's the difference between this custom color board and the styling sets? All boards are made the same way with the same quality materials. The custom board allows you to choose two fabrics of your choice, but the styling sets gives you a quantity discount and colors are chosen to work as a collection. The natural set features linen fabrics with natural weaves and textures and the wedding set is comprised of more feminine, pastel colors in a smooth cotton. 

When will I receive my boards? Boards are hand made in our studio. Please allow 2 weeks for our binding process. Your board will then ship from our studio via the shipping method you selected.

What are your styling boards made of? Our styling boards are made of all fine-art archival materials. We use the same linens and book binding cloths offered with our albums. Fabrics are then applied permanently to book board and adhered together. 

How long will my styling board last? Your board should last forever as long as you are careful when using it in a work environment. Keep your styling board away from liquids and stains. Treat it as you would a fine art book as it is made from the same materials. The lifespan of your styling board is limited only by how you use it - be extremely careful when photographing bouquets and foliage as moisture and pollen from plants can create permanent marks. Make sure objects are dry and clean before placing them and keep your board protected in its canvas travel bag when not in use. Additional canvas bags can be ordered in our styling section. 

Can I clean my styling board? You cannot use any liquid cleaners on your styling board, but you may apply a protective spray. Dust and dirt can be brushed off. For some stains, you may use a natural, clean, rubber eraser to gently remove dirt. We use and recommend this rubber pick-up all the time. 

What makes Heirloom styling boards different from those offered by other companies? We are proud that Heirloom Bindery created the original styling board, driven by the need for photographers to have a flat, iron-free backdrop made of classic and beautiful fabrics for clean and perfect detail shots. Due to its popularity, we have found that other album and presentation companies have started making their own copies. While we have not had experience with other versions, we firmly stand by our products. We are a company driven by innovation, integrity and originality. Like our albums and accessories, we create new products when we find that there is a creative need for it. Thus, our styling boards are made with the user's best experience in mind - they're simple, seamless and portable, and fabrics and tones are chosen to compliment the most advanced editorial work. Our styling boards and used and chosen by top stylists and photographers in the fine art industry. 

What is your return policy? Made-to-order boards are a custom item and therefore cannot be returned. 

Additional fabric and color options can be found on our Resources page. Any other fabrics that we have in stock will be in the drop-down options below. Those not listed on the Resources page can be found in our full Swatches PDF. Let us know if you have any questions!
Note! We highly recommend Scotchgard fabric protector before using your boards. It provides extra protection should there be any liquids, stains or accidental spills in your work environment. Our boards are made with linen and cotton fabrics, archival glue and fine art materials and therefore should be used with care.