Heirloom Bindery, by the Numbers

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs to construct a fine art album? The team at Heirloom prides itself on offering the most beautiful wedding albums to some of the most highly regarded photographers in the world. Despite the costs, we still hold on to traditional binding methods and source hand made paper and materials from Europe. Sometimes there are tools so impossible to find that we have to create them ourselves from scratch. We pay a fair wage, and do not implement factories into our workflow.

Over time, some products have increased in price due to materials costs, and some have actually lowered when we were able to purchase bulk materials at a lower price. In a effort to provide total transparency in our pricing, we have created a cost and pricing analysis so you can see how your purchases are supporting our artists and how many different elements come together to form a fine art album.

Cost to Make a Typical 12x14 Heirloom Album 

  • Materials
    • Fine Art Cotton Paper (7.5% of final price including waste)
    • Vellum interleaving (2.5% of final price)
    • Magnesium dies for stamping (2.5% of final price)
    • Bookcloth and archival book board (10% of final price)
  • Labor
    • Printer's Wages - Cover Art Proofing / Layout / Printing (20% of final price)
    • Binder's Wages (45% of final price)
  • Shipping (2-3% of final price)
  • Overhead - rent, heat, light, internet, website (2-3% of final price)
  • Business Profit (7.5% of final price)