The Meaning Behind Fine Art

There are many albums today that are labeled as "Fine Art" and many companies that have have begun to create the style of albums that we pioneered here at Heirloom. We love that our designs are changing the industry and influencing how wedding albums are perceived. However, it's important to recognize the difference between a true fine art album and something that may not be. To begin, we like to think of "fine art" as applying to what an album is physically, and also what it is philosophically. To us, a fine art album or print, is one that is created skillfully with the best archival (100% acid free) materials. We also believe that our products should be hand printed and hand made, so that an artisan is present throughout the process.   The reason that our collectors pursue the albums we produce is that they believe in offering a product that reflects their skill and reverence for the fine art philosophy. Our collectors want to see their images printed on beautiful paper and bound by hand into an exquisite book. Brides and grooms also feel that their images are deserving of our artful preservation. When you hold one of our products in your hands, you'll notice that there is an incredible attention to detail, that every angle and line is thoughtfully formed. These are the reasons why we continue to produce our products despite the enormous dedication of time and energy into each piece and why we feel that our albums, prints and boxes are so special. If you have any questions about our process, feel free to e-mail us at

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