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From time to time, we are asked by our collectors to help them educate their clients about what makes our albums special. Whether it's a better understanding the materials involved, the binding methods we employ, or just knowing the right terminology, knowledge of the products you offer can be useful when helping your clients make an informed decision. With that in mind, below we've put together a brief introduction to the Heirloom philosophy.


The first part of heirloom album construction is the materials involved. A fine art album is only as durable as its weakest component. Wood-pulp papers or anything that's not acid-free can become yellow and brittle over time, pasted prints come unstuck, and ribbons fray. Our construction methods have been focused for years on finding the best solutions to all of these problems.

Our designs are clean, simple, and durable. We rely on acid-free, 100% cotton rag papers when printing, and vellum interleaving when binding to reduce the chance of image abrasion (and because it's beautiful). Our bookbinding boards and fabrics are also acid-free and archival-quality to help preserve your products forever.


When we started Heirloom years ago, we were driven by a 'back to basics' mentality. Everything we saw in the industry looked the same -- from synthetic fabrics to 'creative' image layouts, styles were getting more homogenous and dated. As we mastered the craft of fine art bookbinding, we realized just how much of what is offered these days is mass-produced and factory-made. We built our company around a few select fine art printers and binders, who take your album from a set of digital images to a finished product start-to-finish, one at a time.

We've found that this method is superior to what is available elsewhere for a few reasons. First, the care and attention that each Heirloom album receives is second-to-none, and our binders have a sense of ownership of the finished product that is not possible when you are just attaching prints to ready-made boards or picking up someone else's work and finishing it piecemeal. Our company structure also allows us to be more flexible and creative with our work, which many of our collectors appreciate when they have a particularly creative client or want something truly unique for their branding.


Last but not least, Heirloom stands behind the quality and durability of our albums. If you or your clients ever experience an issue with one of our albums due to an unforeseeable print or binding failure, we will happily provide for the album's return and repair at no cost to you. Your clients are making an investment in a product designed to last for generations, and we want to make sure that they're happy.

In addition to our warrantied repairs, we also provide album restoration and repair for albums that are damaged due to client mishandling. This service ensures that even when disaster strikes, your products can be restored to their original beauty even years after their initial design and construction. This can also keep costs down, as damaged pages can often be replaced in some bindings without taking the entire album apart. For our collectors who maintain a collection of studio samples, we are often able to have their albums 'refreshed' with new images or repaired after client mishaps, which keeps everyone's presentation at its best.

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