Layout for an Heirloom Album

20160210-009436-R1-003Whether you love using our InDesign templates or outsource your design to other people or programs, here are a few tips on how to tell a beautiful story with your Heirloom album.
  • Curate your images, select only the best
  • Intersperse images of details, location and ambiance within a chronological flow
  • Use open gallery style pages with large white borders which focus the viewer on a single image
  • Showcase the individuality of each bride and groom on every cover
Here are two examples of finished albums: 16x16 Square Format Wedding Album by Jen Huang (link) 12x14 Vertical Format Bridal Fashion Album by Elizabeth Messina (link) Click here to download our InDesign templates in every size that we offer (22mb). The image shown above is of our 12x12 Heirloom album in natural linen, in a traditional clamshell case. Other things to keep in mind:
  1. Margins: leave either substantial whitespace (at least 1" around the image) or go full-bleed. Small white borders can appear uneven after trimming. Printing and trimming tolerances are approx. 1/16", but the human eye is very good at noticing small differences on small borders!
  2. Interleaving: we insist on vellum interleaving to protect our images. This will affect the way any two-page spreads are viewed.
For those with creative designs or who feel strongly about small margins or leaving out the interleaving, please contact us regarding our digital print options.

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