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heirloom-bindery-blog-update-19Album Layout Tips

(perfect-bound albums only) Allow at least 1/4" extra margin on the inside margin of each page to ensure visual balance after binding.

Sanity Check after Export

If you are adjusting the inner margin, double-check that the right-side pages (odd numbers usually) have more space on the left, and vice-versa. Full-page images or spreads should not have any visible whitespace on the edges. If they do, resize the image or frame to the bleed lines. Exported images should match the following dimensions: 9x10 Albums - 9.125" x 10.25" 10x10 Albums - 10.125" x 10.25" 12x12 Albums - 12.125" x 12.25" 12x14 Albums - 12.125" x 14.25"

Prints, Images and Logos

Cover images should be cropped to desired dimensions and sent at full-resolution (at least 300ppi). Logos / graphics should be vector art (greatly preferred) or at least 300ppi for raster art (i.e. jpg, png). A 4" logo should be at least 1200px wide, eg. Use JPEG or TIFF format if possible. Submit one file for each print size, even if they are the same image. Label files clearly!

Exporting in InDesign

The best way to export in InDesign is apply the following settings and save them as a 'Neve' preset. That way you don't have to do it each time! These instructions were written for CS5 - let us know if they get out of date!

  1. Select 'File -> Export' and navigate to where you want to save the PDF.
  2. Format should be 'Adobe PDF (Print)'
  3. General Tab
    1. Change 'Adobe PDF Preset' to '[High Quality Print]'
    2. Select 'all' ages and uncheck all Options and Include checkboxes.
  4. Compression Tab
    1. Change all compression dropdowns to 'zip' (lossless).
    2. All downsampling should have a minimum resolution of 300ppi.
  5. Marks and Bleeds Tab
    1. Uncheck all checkboxes in the 'Marks' section.
    2. Check 'Use Document Bleed Settings' and verify that the top/bottom/outside bleeds are '0.125in' or '0p9'. The inside bleed should be set to 0. If this is not correct, update your template settings in 'File -> Document Setup' then re-export.
  6. Advanced Tab
    1. Set 'Transparency Flattener' preset to '[High Resolution]'
  7. Click 'Save Preset' to save these settings for the future, then click 'Export' button.

Exporting in SmartAlbums

Let us know if you're having trouble with your SmartAlbums exports - we'll build this out as soon as we need to!

Exporting in Other Programs

Set bleeds equal to 1/8" on top and bottom, and 1/8" on outside edge. Leave inside bleed at 0. For software that asks for spread width and height, add 1/4" inch to both dimensions (for example, a 12x14 (portrait) album should have spreads that are 24 1/4" wide by 14 1/4" tall. If there is a 'safe zone' setting, also set that equal to 1/8". (Optional) Increase inside margin by ~1/2" (not available everywhere).

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