Design Yourself or Outsource?

It all comes down to how much control you would like over your album design, how much time you have to design albums, whether you are effective at designing your own albums and if you have the budget to outsource your design. Album design can be a headache, and so hiring a designer can be a very attractive option. Keep in mind there are many different designers with different aesthetics and pricing. We even offer our own design services. If you are able to design your own albums without detriment to your business, then it's a good idea to continue with your method. If you'd like to free up extra time, we recommend hiring a designer who knows Adobe InDesign and getting to know a their style before outsourcing all your work. For example, our design team favors clean, minimalist design. A good working relationship is worth cultivating. Once your style perfected, your relationship with your designer will be easy and effortless.

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