Choosing Album Layout Software

heirloom-bindery-blog-update-3 When it comes to album design, most artists can be divided into one of two camps - the classicist and the modernist. The two schools of thought can be roughly divided in the following way. 1. Images per page 2. Layout of images 3. Materials No matter which kind of designer you are, there are a ton of different software options to choose from, and we'd like to help you narrow down your search. This is good for us here as well, because the better you are at using your album software, the better your initial layouts will be and the fewer revisions that will be necessary. For starters, here are some of our favorites: 1. Adobe Indesign - default choice, can be expensive. people overlook other uses for the software. 2. Smart Albums 3. Fundy 4. Using a professional designer. We've written about our getting the most out of a dedicated album designer here, so check it out if it's something you're considering. For many photographers, album layout is a distraction that is not the best use of their time. In general, we'd say that, if you are committed to doing your own album designs, InDesign or Smart Albums should be your go to. The choice between the two narrows down to whether you think you will take advantage of the InDesign software's infinitely customizable features.

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