Album Discounts Explained

Our album binding process is extremely labor intensive - each printed page handled individually, and checked for imperfections, and all bindings are done start-to-finish by the same craftsperson to ensure unparalleled quality. There's a million reasons why this is the best way to do things, but the downside is that there isn't a lot of of ways we can offer discounts to clients. That said, we do have two different types of regular discounts available - Studio Samples and Duplicate Albums.

Studio Samples

Studio sample albums are identical albums that are offered for photographers who are just beginning to offer Heirloom products and want to stock some in their studio for clients to view. The quality is identical, and there is a small 'sample' stamped on the inside back cover. To receive a 30% studio sample discount (only one per photographer per year, please), just enter 'SAMPLE' in the coupon field during checkout. 

Duplicate Albums

There are not a lot of time savings for our binders when we do duplicates - making two albums really does take twice as long as making one. That said, we understand that duplicate albums are common selling point for many photographers, and it is true that when we have standard layouts and cover proofs to work from, it does get a little easier to work with sets of books instead of just one. For that reason, we offer our collectors a 15% discount on duplicate albums. Basically, a duplicate album must have the following two characteristics to be considered for discount:

  • Identical cover art (calligraphy or photo front) - no cover art is fine too :)
  • Identical layout (page size can be different)
Album fabrics can be different between duplicate albums. And If you've got something you think is 'basically' a duplicate album, it never hurts to ask. Album coupons from workshops and events can be applied to albums as well as boxes and are one-time use per collector, they cannot be applied to duplicate albums and they cannot be combined with studio sample discounts. Hope that helps!

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