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Two-Tone Quarter Binding & Text Titles

We love classic binding techniques and covers and so we had to start offering a traditional two-tone quarter bound album with our own text title style. We always recommend a slipcase or clamshell case with any quarter bound books. Think about adding a spine stamp too for a little hint of gold. Embracing color and tradition at the same time!

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The Meaning Behind Fine Art

There are many albums today that are labeled as "Fine Art" and many companies that have have begun to create the style of albums that we pioneered here at Heirloom. We love that our designs are changing the industry and influencing how wedding albums are perceived. However, it's important to recognize the difference between a true fine art album and something that may not be. To begin, we like to think of "fine art" as applying to what an album is physically, and also what it is philosophically. To us, a fine art album or print, is one that is created skillfully with the best archival (100% acid free) materials. We also believe that our products should be hand printed...

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Layout for an Heirloom Album

Whether you love using our InDesign templates or outsource your design to other people or programs, here are a few tips on how to tell a beautiful story with your Heirloom album. Curate your images, select only the best Intersperse images of details, location and ambiance within a chronological flow Use open gallery style pages with large white borders which focus the viewer on a single image Showcase the individuality of each bride and groom on every cover Here are two examples of finished albums: 16x16 Square Format Wedding Album by Jen Huang (link) 12x14 Vertical Format Bridal Fashion Album by Elizabeth Messina (link) Click here to download our InDesign templates in every size that we offer (22mb). The image shown...

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