Antique Silverware 5-piece Set

Antique Silverware 5-piece Set


Antique silverware place settings. No two sets are the same. Five pieces are included in each set (multiple sets available). Perfect for styling wedding tables, food and decor. Adds texture and richness to photographs. Please see our Shipping + Returns page for current ship times and policies.

  • Eat set includes two forks, two spoons and a knife.

  • Mismatched antique silverware

  • Various lengths, 6” to 8” long

  • Silver plated

  • Antique with varying degrees of patina

  • Origin: Various

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All antique sales are final.

Antiques are not recommended for food or drink, they are not safe for consumption.

To preserve the unique tarnish or patina of a brass or silver piece, wash with mild soap and water, and polish gently with the appropriate metal polish. Heavy polishing will remove older marks. Store antiques away from harsh sunlight, humidity and heat.

Antique fabrics must be hand washed or dry cleaned. Antique leathers can be wiped with a soft cloth or oiled with an appropriate leather polish.